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BRS Battery renewal and energy systems is an expert organization in the field of bitter renewal and bitter recovery as part of a multinational structure operating in 14 countries of the world. BRS offers innovative and unique recycling solutions from start to finish using its patented technology. It uses a completely organic, eco- friendly additive for prolonging and renewing the life of Lead Acid and Gel batteries.
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Adding BSI Addative

Battery Renovation

BRS is a specialist company in the field of battery renovation and extending the life of batteries. BRS provides an innovative and unique solution from start to finish using own technology. It uses an organic green additive to service lead-acid batteries to extend and renew their life. The challenge
  • Sulfurization over the lead plates,
  • Battery performance diminish during its operational life time,
  • Dry-out and acid quality – the plates paste is shading to the bottom of the cell, thus yield sediment, which results electrical shortage,
  • Corrosion & crystallization,
  • Poor maintenance during usage of the end-user,
  • Shortened lifetime
  • High battery cost
  • Shorter discharge time
  • Longer charge time
  • Environmental pollution
BRS Solution
  • Extended battery lifetime
  • Up to 50% saving
  • Longer discharge
  • Shorter charge
  • Environmental protection
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